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Apr 28, 2021

Are you Instinctive? Or are you on the other side of the continuum and more Intellectual? What about Selfless and Resourceful? Which side of these two continuums do you lean towards?

In this series, we will cover these four different Drivers in  “Knowledge & Utility” in our series “Leading From you Why.”


Apr 21, 2021

DISC is the doorway to communication and the Driving Forces (the why) is the room you enter in which we speak. Lets dive into why you do what you do and the reason behind your behaviors.

Apr 14, 2021

In this episode we are talks about all the verts, Introverts, extroverts, and ambiverts. This is the way you recharge and can be a huge help in your personal development! Take a listen!

Apr 7, 2021

In this episode, we unwrap 5 Characteristics of Leadership. We aren’t taking the usual avenue though, we are going to focus on Character. Are you reliable and honest? A person of good character will act, think and feel in a way that matches these 5 good...